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Craft a fortified wine style to your very own liking, through our cellar@home range of Tawny, Tokay, Muscat and Apera. A diverse option of blend ages enables you to start where you see fit in terms of wine concentration - younger enabling you to age to your own preference, or older for immediate drinkability. Pair with a Seppeltsfield oak barrel to complete your cellar@home project and be proud to showcase your own cellaring talent to friends and family.


  • Seppeltsfield 'Classic' Tawny 5L

    Seppeltsfield 'Classic' Tawny 5L

    $55.00 ea
    Total: $0.00
  • Seppeltsfield 'Classic' Tawny 10L

    Seppeltsfield 'Classic' Tawny 10L

    $95.00 ea
    Total: $0.00
  • Seppeltsfield 'Classic' Tawny 20L

    Seppeltsfield 'Classic' Tawny 20L

    $155.00 ea
    Total: $0.00

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